Boys Life


    Troop 121 has made it into the national Boy Scouts of America publication for boys, Boys' Life.  Our boys were photographed and interviewed for the magazine while hunting up the past at the Trammel Fossil Park in Sharonville, Ohio, just northeast of Cincinnati.  Although this was a unique side visit to the RockQuest indoor rock-climbing center, this Jurassic hunt will be one that the boys will remember forever. 
    Nineteen of our scouts searched and dug up several fossils off of this section of the Cincinnati Arch including shells, impressions from coral-like animals, brachiopods, and bryozoa to just name a few.  The boys got an educational lesson from a representative from the Cincinnati Dry Dredgers, an association of amateur geologists and paleontologists, about the different fossils they were finding all over the site.  With only a few minutes work, each Scout was able to find some special souvenirs to keep as a wonderful memory of this trip. Each scout will be able to tell and show future generations about their hunt for history in Cincinnati and in Boys' Life.

Trammel Fossil Park