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Andrew Cole & Gerald Vandermeir Eagle Scout Ceremony

posted Jan 28, 2009, 3:45 PM by Troop 121   [ updated Jan 28, 2009, 4:10 PM ]
November 21, 2009
    Troop 121 Eagle Alumni welcomes two new members: Andrew Cole and Gerald Vandermeir. They are the 136th and 137th (respectively) Eagle Scouts in the history of Troop 121.  Andrew and Gerald were recognized at Eagle Court of Honor on December 6th held at St. Peter's Franciscan Center. 

Congratulations to the parents of both Eagle Scouts for doing a great job in planning the event (and having an Eagle Scout).  It was one of the most successful Eagle Court of Honors I have been involved with.One of the many things that made this event so great was the way it was promoted, there by generating a large turn out of people. It was in the atrium of The Franciscan Activity Center and it was literally standing room only.  If there had not been an Ohio State Michigan game on the same day I really do not think the atrium would have been large enough.

    In addition to family, friends, and scouts there was a large turn out of people supporting this event, here is a partial list:

            Father Chris - St. Peter's Church

            Sister Bernard & Sister Paula - St. Peter's Church

            Mayor of Mansfield, Ohio Donald Culiver    

            Eric Finn - Scout Executive for the Daniel Webster Council, Keene, New Hampshire

            Kim Hildreth - Program Coordinator, Mansfield Litter Prevention & Recycling   

            James DeSanto - City Engineer/Public Service Superintedent

            Clint Garber - Johnny Appleseed Trail District Executive

            Tress Reith - St. Peter's High School Principal

            Representatives from General Motors

            Members of Boy Scout Troop 121 Committee

            Area Boy Scout Leaders

            Clergy from other churches

            The Mansfield News Journal

    The parents and the Scoutmasters did a great job of advance plamming and promoting the event.  Well in advance of the event, they wrote letters of invitation, followed by emails, put notices in the church bulletin, contacting the press and government officials, had repeated announcements made at school (There was a lot of students, thank you Tress for making repeated announcements).  This large turn out was only great for the two Eagle Scouts being honored, it was also great for the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 121, St. Peter's Parish Schools, and our community.  As Mayor Culiver said, "It is great to attend an event that celebrates the positive things people do."

    Again, congratulations and great job!

    --Mr. Rand Smith