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Annual Rifle/Shotgun campout went off with a bang!

posted Oct 24, 2011, 8:57 PM by Troop 121
The boys of Troop 121 held their annual Rifle/Shotgun campout at Richland County Fish and Game on Poth Road again this past weekend. The boys had already completed two training sessions of rifle and shotgun use and safety.  The third training session was finished on Friday night.  The boys practiced rifle shooting at targets in the morning. They had a friendly competition of accuracy and precision with all of their shots.  The results are:
6th Place - Alec
    5th Place - Jake R.
    4th Place - Evan
    3rd Place - Taylor
    2nd Place - Jack
    1st Place - Kenny

 Mr. Besecker had some special targets for the boys to take a shot at at the end of the competition. The boys even let the adults take a few shots as well.

After lunch, the boys practiced their skills at clay bird shooting with 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns.  Many clay birds were shattered across the ground from the accurate shots.

The Cub Scouts of Pack 121 joined the troop in the evening for Mass and dinner.  Pack 121 performed an honorable flag retirement ceremony that laid several worn and tattered American flags to rest. Father Tom stopped out to deliver Mass and take part in the festivities.  All in all, it was a great weekend for target practice, clay bird shooting, roaring fire and great cowboy stew.